Public Speaking With Confidence

We provide the Highest Quality 1-1 Executive Coaching and Small-Group Corporate Training Seminars/Workshops in Hong Kong

Public Speaking Coaching

Developed to provide high-level executives with the abilities and confidence to deliver powerful, effective messages.
Our course is perfect for any employee who:
• Needs to give a crucial speech at your company’s board meeting.
• Must lead a seminar at an industry conference.
• Has to confidently present a strong proposal during a Web meeting.

The aforementioned situations require individuals to have strong, comfortable English speaking abilities. By feeling confident enough to converse in the language, your employee will be able to deliver his or her message with ease, and possibly succeed in reaching paramount deals for the company.

Our Goal
Our private training aims to improve public speaking for a specific type of speech. This could be a type of speech that must be made soon, or one that your employee must make on a regular basis.

An experienced trainer will provide the appropriate feedback and guidance for your staff to prepare an outstanding speech. We offer an interactive curriculum to fit the needs of the trainee and help him or her grow. Our goal is to promote practical techniques and a comfortable environment for our students so that they might be able to learn quickly and effectively. One of the ways we do this is by offering video feedback.

The coaching schedule we offer is completely flexible and will suit your employees’ personal requirements in terms of scheduling and duration.

Highly-Skilled Native English Instructors
Our friendly trainers are experts in their field, with international qualifications. All trainees will be provided with expert feedback and tips on how to develop and present their speeches with the utmost professionalism. We can help you with subject matter for any industry. This includes finance, accounting, banking, insurance, advertising, government, investments, law, architecture, etc.

In this Interactive Skills workshop

you will learn how to:

  • Select the correct format for your specific message
  • Understanding what your audience wants
  • Using the correct language for maximum effect
  • Proper use of your voice
  • Projecting yourself visually
  • Understanding the venue
  • Handling nerves
  • Analysing your performance

Who for?

This course is aimed at executives, CEO’s, managerial and senior staff staff in Hong Kong, HK, who need to give presentations as part of their duties. It is also suitable for those who need to give Public Speeches or Keynote Addresses at Conferences, International Meetings etc.

Training Location
  • Corporate training: Your location in Hong Kong
  • Individual training & coaching: at our training centre in Wanchai, Hong Kong (HK Island MTR Line)

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Public Speaking With Confidence

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