The English of Negotiation

Increase your confidence to increase your persuasion power and achieve successful negotiation outcomes in English

If you feel at a disadvantage when you are conducting negotiations in English and that you are unable to respond to the other side with the necessary level of flexibility or strategic sophistication then this workshop will helpful.

Who For?
This introductory level workshop is for second language speakers of English who are required to negotiate using the medium of English and who wish to bring their language skills into line with their skills of influence and persuasion.

A complete process which can be applied for every negotiation will be introduced and participants will practice applying the process during a simulation exercise running throughout the workshop.

1. What’s your Negotiation Style?
2. What is the Trigger?
3. Planning: communicating our objectives
4. Warm on People, Tough on Issues : the social opening
5. Testing: the critical art of questioning
6. Persuasion & Influence
7. Moving & Agreeing techniques
8. Reviewing & Summarising

By the conclusion of this course, participants will have been introduced to and practiced a process for negotiating in English which can ensure that you are properly and completely prepared to every time. New learning will be practiced and reviewed in case studies designed to ensure that the important aspects of each session have been embedded. Participants receive individual on-screen coaching based on their performance during the cases, on camera

This 8 hour course can be taken in the following formats:
  • Format A. 1 day workshop for companies, in-house, a maximum of 16 participants
  • Format B. 4 x 2 hour sessions for 1-4 participants

Training Location
  • Corporate training: Your location in Hong Kong
  • Individual training & coaching: at our training centre in Wanchai, Hong Kong (HK Island MTR Line)

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The English of Negotiation

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