Ian Nock
Director of Training

Ian has a unique vision for the future of language services and communication skills training in Asia. Ian Nock’s multi-faceted entrepreneurial career spans Business Consultancy, Business Communication, Healthcare, IT and Education. With years in experience in clinical pharmacy in the UK and as Chief Pharmacist at the renowned Matilda Hospital, he later moved to become Director of Medical Technology at eHealthcareAsia where he created and ran consumer and B-B internet portals for this listed health care company. His entrepreneurial flair led him to set up his own business consultancy focusing on helping foreign based businesses become established in China. Seeing the need for improved communication skills in the global marketplace, he later started a series of communication companies including HKEnglish.Com, L&R Publishing and Communication Skills Hong Kong. And in the middle of all this he found time to teach in major universities. Ian’s people-focused acumen now focuses on the development of English language business communication skills to Asian executives, as well as corporate language and communication skills training solutions. He has provided business skills coaching to numerous organisations in Asia, including multi-national banks, financial institutions, technology, legal and accounting firms. His decades in Asia contribute to Ian’s strengths in building bridges between businesses in China and those who want to flourish there. His premise for life is to help people and at the head of Communication Skills Hong Kong is successfully achieving this every day.

Malcolm Andrews
Program Director

Malcolm has developed the Dynamic English at Work Series and is the programmes’ Director and Coach. His business experience includes roles with multinational companies in Asia Pacific in specialist areas including Purchasing, Sales and Management. He started his career in Purchasing with the UK’s Stern Osmat Group - a major nationwide wholesaler of home products. Relocating to Japan, he became involved in the Sourcing and Purchasing of paper products. In Hong Kong he started his own business-to-business book distribution company which he sold to Longman Asia, joining them as Direct Marketing Manager. Malcolm’s most recent corporate role has been as Managing Director of PMMS Asia Pacific Ltd, the regional subsidiary of the UK consulting firm specialising in this field. Malcolm’s business experience, combined with his understanding of the critical importance of dynamic English communication skills development in the business environment, gives these programmes a unique link to the environment in which our clients are required to operate in a second language. His experience in coaching executives and senior managers across all business sectors is considerable.

Don Campell
Senior Trainer

Don has over 12 years experience coaching and developing business leadership of all levels in presenting business concepts to a global audience. With the majority of the past 15 years spent in Asia he is well acquainted with the challenges facing business leaders communicating with European and American counterparts. In business, communication is paramount in achieving success as well as communicating already achieved successes effectively. His experience as Global Performance Manager for a major U.S. financial software company was to define and overcome any and all issues hindering success of business partners between Asia, Europe and America. With the majority of issues related to communication breakdown on various levels he is well equipped to coach leaders to avoid the pitfalls and enhance the skills necessary to achieve business goals.

He draws on experience teaching secondary school in the U.S., as a certified facilitator in Front Line Leadership Development and as a corporate trainer/coach to help clients develop skills necessary to communicate on a global level to achieve a competitive edge in a global marketplace.

Don is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt accustomed to presenting complex issues in a logical and understandable manner. He also has significant experience in Appreciative Inquiry as a business development/change mechanism.

Don is also a photographer focusing on documenting cultural concepts and everyday life in various parts of the world. His work appears in several travel books published globally. He is an avid motorcyclist and has ridden his 350cc Royal Enfield across India photographing along the way.

Don received his Ph.B. degree from Thomas Jefferson College at Grand Valley State University Allendale Michigan and holds a TEFL Certification – TEFL 247.

Liz Moscrop
Specialist Communication Skills Trainer

Liz’s extensive career covers Advertising, Corporate Communications, PR and journalism. She started out at the BBC news and current affairs publicity department and later leapt into Goldman Sachs' presentations department firstly in London and then later in Hong Kong. She later moved to the China Internet Corporation – china.com - (the first Chinese company to list on NASDAQ) and ultimately was hired by ehealthcareasia.com as their Director of Corporate Communications. Her career in journalism spans years and continents, and as an avid private pilot she is deeply involved in aviation journalism. She has decades of experience in corporate internal and external communications, web writing and marketing under her belt.

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