Optimal Interview Techniques Training

Identify, build and manage your own effective interview style

Is it possible to prepare fully for an interview? How can we know the questions that will be asked? Can we really differentiate ourselves from the other candidates? Should we adopt a special style during the interview or can we be ourselves? Interviews create a whole range of dilemmas for us and they cause us a very high level of uncertainty and this skills development course aims to address these directly.

Who For?
We believe that our Optimal Interview Technique goes a very long way to help interview candidates in all spheres of business, professional and academic fields to minimize the uncertainty surrounding interviews by setting out a method for of planning and implementation which is based on the candidates unique ‘brand’ as well as the potential employer’s unique expectations.


We work through a series of checkpoints to build a profile of the candidate and match key aspects of this with the probable key requirements of the target company. Having established the approach to the interview content, we then begin to work on the delivery style which will build on the natural style of the candidate to create an optimal and individual approach that gives you the advantage you are seeking.

1. Planning
2. Identifying you strengths and weaknesses
3. Personal brand building
4. Opening
5. Delivering your message
6. Linking the answers
7. Question and Answer technique
8. Closing

Format & Schedule

  • The course consists of intensive 1-1 coaching and consists of 2 x 2 hour training sessions.

Training Location

  • Our training centre in Wanchai, Hong Kong (HK Island MTR Line)

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Optimal Interview Techniques

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